Oh hi. Um…remember me?

Well, this is embarrassing. I didn’t mean to leave it so long..I mean…sorry, we’ll definitely catch up sooner next time, right?

Did you know – moving house takes a LOT of time and effort? Like, ALL of the time and effort? We’ve been here two weeks, stripped a lot of awful wallpaper, painted everything that stands still long enough, ripped out all the carpet and replaced it all and still new jobs keep coming up. New conservatory leaks, found that one out during the great Storm of ’13. Plumbing under sink leaks. Damp in one of the walls. The upstairs bathroom door doesn’t shut and the seal on the oven door is broken. All fixable, but just so annoyingly and completely bloody time consuming.

Curtains from the old house don’t fit the windows here by about four annoying inches, so we heed to buy new curtains. There are a lot of ugly light fittings that need to be replaced. We have lots of wonderful space in the house, so all the stuff that used to be in boxes in the garage can actually go places now. If we ever find time to work out where to put them.

It’s all very awesome, but I can’t wait until everything is unpacked. I am cycling through the same five pairs of socks because I can’t find the rest! I have absolutely no idea which box in which room has the envelopes, pens and address book in.

Then there is the not at all small matter of Toddlette. I am not working yet, well, not in an office. I am Stay At Home Mum-ing, which actually feels like the hardest job I have ever done. I take my hat off to all of the permanent SAHM’s and please, please tell me how you do it?! She is a very feisty and curious toddler, which is wonderful, but also exhausting. She never listens, especially not to the words ‘No’, ‘Aaah, stop!’ or ‘Come on its nap time’. She is averaging about five tantrums a day and has started stomping and throwing. Hooray!

I’m also worrying a bit about her not socialising with other kids. She’s used to being in nursery two days a week hanging with a bunch of other toddlers and sharing, taking turns and learning boundaries. I’ve been trying to take her to various playgroups and classes, but she’s not that keen on them so far, and wants to spend every second with me. Cute as anything, but I do sense a potential clingy problem when I go back to work. And I’m just not used got his much one on one toddler time. Seriously – what can we do all day?! I think she’s bored of the park already and I can only make so many biscuits…..

Anyway, must go now. There are still, somehow, more walls to be stripped of delightful wallpaper and even more things to fit into cupboards. I promise I won’t leave it so long to blog again…….probably.

One thought on “Oh hi. Um…remember me?

  1. Hi Victoria
    Good to hear the move went well. Winter is hard to keep toddlers occupied. I’m Pinteresting like mad to get ideas for plate elephants and egg box caterpillars! Have you left Instagram?

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